Why I am Running for US Congress

I have never desired to be a politician.  The name represents something that contradicts what I believe.  I have desired to impact legislation and I have spent my life working with and for people.  I have recently come to realize the name politician means servant or to serve. Serving is something I am use to doing and I desire to serve you as your Representative in Congress.  I am running to be an individual who has taken the call for this season to work towards our families becoming financially independent, women being respected, all children being educated equally and prepared for a global society, parents feeling empowered and veterans being taken care of.  We need to reestablish a society with a strong working middle class, small business training and creation, and life sustaining wages to enhance our economy.  We need the working middle class back in America and a system that will make this happen.  

Washington State's 10th Congressional District is predominately military, veterans, spouses and families.  Being part of generations of service members to include grandfather, father, uncle, father in law, brother in law, brother, husband and son, I know the military. My family has served our nation in the army, navy, marines, and air force. Having a husband who served 22 years between navy and army (more army than navy), a Vietnam veteran and a son that served in Iraq, I understand our military of yesterday and our military today. I have a brother who is a disabled veteran and a son who has returned with some unknown something from Iraq that continues to attack his stomach and internal organs.  Taking care of our veterans is personal for me and a necessity for our men and women who have given life, limbs, and families to protect us.

My personal and professional experience as a volunteer in the community and a mental health professional uniquely positions me to be an effective U. S. Representative willing to labor with other elected officials to work for the people who have made this nation great.                                             

As a country we need to build bridges, drop labels, and focus on solutions. People need to have their basic necessities of life taken care of here at home. Necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and affordable health care. In order to have those, they need education and a job that pays a living wage.  According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, unless these are taken care of, people are unable to see much further. When people’s basic needs are not met, we have of society of unrest, violence, and anger.  When people’s basic needs are met we have a better society and a healthier nation. Do you believe this as well?

If you believe as I do, please make a contribution to this grassroots campaign to put a lady in office that not only is part of the working middle class but has a husband who works as a letter carrier (union), and a heart for the people.

 My name is Jennifer Gigi Ferguson, and if you will believe in me then I would strongly appreciate your contribution and support in August and November 2014.  Thank you



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    OKay; you got me sold!